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About Us

To our Store Visitors:

Currently, we are NOT accepting or processing any New Orders, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

However, we will continue servicing ALL of our current and former Customers.

We are a relatively new website for online sales, experiencing our first months of operation, and have undergone many changes in the effort to establish an honest and reliable business for our customers.

Of note: Our former merchant service relationship led to an undue amount of "fraudulent" credit card sales on our site, along side our rapidly growing legitimate sales. This caused a massive "backlog of orders" while we worked to separate our "customers" from the "fraudsters!" Thankfully, this great task was accomplished successfully!

Additionally, we have eliminated some of our primary merchandise suppliers that were responsible for undue delays with shipping many of our processed orders.  Required corrections to staff who contributed to these and other issues have also been made while we reorganize and restructure.

Please note that is not to be confused with another "new and unrelated" online store, "" or "BlackRome Clothing."  This store site was recently established, independently, by a former "terminated" web developer!

As we consider the path forward, we sincerely thank those of you who honored us with your interest and trust.

Vistaleon Staff